As many of you know, I am a Kashmir Shaivist. My daily practice includes mantra and mediation. Before then I studied various forms of a occultism and witchery and think of myself as a witch when the room demands a “broom.” Venus Retrograde has given me a unique set of challenges because I am a triple Libra, which means that Venus is all over my astrological chart. In preparation I had the pleasure of interviewing astrologer James David Wade – the Pisces Prince, who offered me some very good insights on my weekly radio show  with Tony Sokol , Magick Lab Academy on the SOC Radio Network. He cautioned me that reevaluating my relationships would be bumpy but necessary. Likewise, Venus, the Goddess of Cash Flow would also challenge me to think outside the box in order to maintain the momentum that began with my prediction that “Moonlight” would win best picture on the EXTRA Weekend Edition.


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Jymie Darling Tried to Put a Fake Restraining on Me Because I Helped Expose Her As a Fraud

Only June 16th  in LA Superior Court on Hill Street Judge Carol Goodman dismissed a petition from Jymie Darling to place a restraining order on me for harassment because of insufficient evidence. Jymie's accusations made no sense. Her evidence was presented incorrectly. Her demeanor in court was questionable. June 16th was the day that I had hoped  Had hoped that I would finally be free from her harassment, but that just escalated her harassment because she sees me as the reason for being her exposure to the world as a liar, a Stolen Valor, Fake Haitian Voudoun, Fake Cambridge PHD and over all Fake Occultist. 

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